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how to write a european cv Empty how to write a european cv

on Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:56 pm
People seeking employment with an employer abroad must meet one requirement, namely it is nececcary to write a cv in accordance with the European canon. Because a biography is a condition of applying for a job also in European Union countries, the exact Europass Curriculum Vitae is given below, according to which should be written.

As in the case of the english model, on the left side of the page, we only include the names to which we will refer, e.g. personal data, professional experience, etc. On the right side, we include the information itself.

We put your photo (photograph) in the upper middle or right part of the A4 page. The photo must be clear. We paste the scanned photo in JPEG format.
Personal data.

Surname / first name
Address (s) of residence / In order: Street, house number, zip code, city, country, e.g. (PL).
Telephone number (s) / Home phone (with prefix (48) No. kr), mobile phone
Fax (s)
E-mail (s)
Date of birth
Preferred place of employment / nature of work.

At this point, we write what we would like to do at a given position, what kind of character we would like to work in, etc.

Dates / We describe each occupied position separately from the last.
Occupation or position held.
Basic scope of work and responsibilities
Name and address of the employer.
Type of activity or sector

Education and training.

Dates / We describe separately each completed type / type of course / education, starting from the last one.
Name / title of acquired qualifications
Basic fields of education / acquired professional skills
Name and type of educational / training institution
Level of national or international classification / It is important to give signs in this place, eg (5a - bachelor studies, 3a - profiled high school, etc.) .
Skills and competences.

Mother tongue / Specify mother tongue
Other languages
Self-assessment language skills / European level (*) How to set levels: A1 A2 - basic, B1 B2 - independent, C1 C2 - fluent
Understanding - listening / reading
Speaking - communicating / speaking yourself
Skills and social competences / Describe such competences and indicate their place of acquisition.
Skills and technical competences / Describe such competences and give their place of gaining
Skills and competences in the field of computer use / Describe such competences and give their place to obtain
Skills and artistic competences / Describe such competences and specify their place of acquisition
Other skills and competences / Describe such competences and give their place of gaining
Driving license / Provide whether you have a driving license, if so, which category.
Additional information.

Provide other information that may be relevant, e.g. contact persons, references, etc.

What documents are attached to your CV?
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